28th International Conference on Electric Contacts

ICEC2016 Edinburgh UK









6th to 9th June 2016

Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh



The venue for the Conference in 2016 is Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.


Edinburgh - Inspiring Capital


It's one of the world's great cities offering culture and history in a socially alive and visually stunning environment. The centre of Edinburgh has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in recognition of its stunning urban landscape in the medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town. Visit the castle, climb a volcano and then relax by dining at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants.




City of Research, Innovation and Business


Edinburgh and region has continually built on its science and engineering heritage. John Napier, James Watt, Alexander Bell, James Clerk Maxwell and Peter Higgs are just some who have played a pivotal role in building our modern society. Today, Edinburgh boasts four universities and Scotland 15 universities pioneering research and innovation. The key business sectors are Science and Technology with strengths in microelectronics/MEMs, nanoscience/nanotechnology, and oil & gas; and Renewable Energy with strengths in hydroelectric, wind (onshore and offshore), marine (wave and tidal), biomass, hydrogen and fuel cell, solar and geothermal energy.




Transport Connections


Edinburgh International Airport is served by scheduled national and international flights. There are direct flights from USA & Canada: Newark, Philadelphia Chicago & Toronto. The airport is on the west side of Edinburgh. The Rail network serves the centre of Edinburgh well with direct trains to/from London.




The Conference typically attacks >200 delegates from a wide range of electrical and electronic industries... MORE


The deadline for submission of paper and poster abstracts is 1st Sept 2015... MORE



Edinburgh inspiring capital


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