28th International Conference on Electric Contacts

ICEC2016 Edinburgh UK










Edinburgh inspiring capital


The Conference typically attracts >200 delegates from a wide range of electrical and electronic industries. It provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research and development in the field of electric contacts from the nano scale to high power.


Technical Areas and Topics


-Basic Phenomena and Fundamentals


-Contact Materials


-Power Contacts


-Sliding Contacts






-Degradation Mechanisms


-Arc Interruption


-Switching Behaviour


-Design and Function


-Modelling and Simulation


-New Technologies


-Specialist Applications (Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Power Engineering)




History of the Conference



Venue & Scope in 2016


Sponsorship for 2016



Paper and Poster Submission







Conf. Chair Dr J.Swingler

ICEC2016 Organising Committee

International Advisory Group


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