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Jonathan’s Research



RECAS (1997-2000)

APAHOE (2006-2009)

ReliabilityZoo (Current)


AUTOCON (2002-2005)     

OPROMO (2006-2009)



Completed PhDs:

1. “The Evolution of Break Arc Erosion from Arc Initiation to Extinction on silver Alloy Electrical Contacts in Low Voltage DC Switches”

2. “Advanced Piezoceramic Actuators for Harsh Operating Environments”

3. “Development and Optimisation of Robust Electro-Mechanical Drive Systems for Specialist Vehicles”


Current PhDs:

4. “New Topologies and Control Strategies of Grid Connected Inverters”

New PhDs:




5. Reliability Prediction and Long-Term Robustness of High Current Interconnecting Systems.

6. Feature Detection of Aged Electrical Components using 3D X-Ray CT Techniques

7. Contact Spot Analysis of Real Interfaces using 3D X-Ray CT Visualisations

























Jonathan’s MSc Teaching


Modules :




MSc Projects:


Renewable Generation and Conversion


Remote Access Labs


1. Defining actual operating conditions for determination of component lifetime.

2. Investigating the functional behaviour of conducting polymers to mitigate against fretting wear
















Jonathan’s Enterprise Activities






The interaction between Industry and Academia













Jonathan’s Professional Activities


Institute of Physics:

Degree Accreditation Committee

Degree Accreditation Assessor

Dielectrics Group Committee (Honorary Treasurer)

Dielectrics 2011 Conference


Expert Witness:

Electrical Connector Science & Technology

-      2005: High Court of justice, Queen’s Bench Division, Birmingham.

-      2007: High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, London.


Expert Evaluator:

European Commission Research Funding


Journal Refereeing:


Emerald SSMT     Elsevier SCT     IoP Nano





















Jonathan’s Other Interests



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